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Hustler Interview

Hustler: Revitalizing a 45 Year-Old Brand

For the uninitiated, Hustler is a beloved adult publication that American men have been buying for the articles since 1974. Founded by Larry Flynt, the magazine has survived…


SoyDog: Soylent x Chewy

Soylent could’ve been the end of world hunger and unproductive Silicon Valley software developers, but it feels as if they’ve lost their way. Since their massive attention and…

Uber Trunk

Uber Trunk

It feels as if lately the gig economy has had nothing but scandals, reports of contractor mistreatment, and political controversy. This has particularly been true with ride-share programs…

TikTok Celebrity

TikTok x Cameo: Celebrity Status

Tiktok has taken the world by storm. Entertainers of all ages have fallen in love with dancing, joking, and creating some really spicy memes in the process. Although…

Gendered Statues

How Do I Gender My CBD Product?

Despite being discovered in 1940, we still don’t understand how to properly refer to Cannabidiol with a gendered pronoun. Almost 80 years later, we refer to CBD as…

Aint No Laws

White Claw: Gender Fluid

White Claw has become an unavoidable name in the casual alcoholism industry. The unintimidatingly flavored line of beverages caters to all palettes and preferences. Like La Croix, the…