Mox Ruby is arguably one of the most well-known and sought after cards in Magic: the Gathering. The Mox cards (Sapphire, Ruby, Jet, Pearl, and Emerald) are part of the “Power Nine“, a set of nine cards with infamously broken design and high monetary value. Black Lotus, the most well-known of the Nine, has sold at auction for well over $100,000 on multiple occasions, to put this kind of value into perspective.

A member of the Old School Magic community recently reached out to Big Boys NYC asking for design, development, and creation of a brand identity for their newest domain:

Mox Ruby: An Old School Pack Builder

Mox Ruby Homepage

The ask was simple. They needed a website where visitors could learn about Old School Magic and easily generate realistic packs of cards. The client already had an API in place, we had to create the face of the brand. Ultimately, this would become a source of information and useful tools, as well as an opportunity for referral link revenue. Many older cards go for hundreds or thousands of dollars, so even a small kickback could become significant revenue.

Mox Ruby Social Links

Our Approach

Our first challenge came with deciding a design approach. Many of these sites rely on tongue-in-cheek humor or intentionally “bad” design. It’s important to avoid that kind of low-hanging fruit, unless you want to get lost in the crowd. As you may remember from our last blog post, content is king.

Mox Ruby needed it’s own brand identity. We decided to keep the approach “serious”, but self-contained in an early-nineties time capsule. The entirety of the site is designed to look like an extension of Windows 95, down to a working clock in the nav bar and a modified Windows logo (featuring the five colors of Magic) for the favicon. Unused pages feature animated “under construction” images.

Mox Ruby Pack Builder

Finally, the main feature of Mox Ruby is the pack building functionality. Visitors can choose from a number of parameters before calling the API. Depending on the desired generation settings, other restrictions can be set. In a matter of seconds, up to 36 statistically probably packs are shown on the screen. The page also offers one-click download options with full card metadata and referral links in JSON or CSV format. Under the hood, the site runs on Node, Express, and Nginx. The API uses R.

Mox Ruby was a fun, small project to help us hit the ground running in 2020. Thanks to consistent communication, and quality work, our client has already recommended Big Boys NYC. Want to get to know us better? Shoot us an email, and stay big.