You may be surprised to see a blog post that’s not saturated with quality analysis and product design. That’s because this time, we’re actually talking about our own content. Wait, let me rephrase…

Content is a core element of any brand’s, well, existence. Word of mouth is how content spreads once surpassing critical mass, but how does one gain traction when everyone is a creator these days? Content generation. Not only is it near-impossible to sell someone on your brand for free any more, but selling yourself on-brand is considered boring these days. What do we mean by that? Brands that promote themselves in a predictable manner are generally seen as less creative, even when the promotions are appropriate and considerably effective.

Why wait for someone else to make the content you already want to see?

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It sounds goofy, but you need to be two steps of your audience while only letting some of them figure out you’re one step ahead. If you reward the fans who really care, you let them be advocates of their own volition. You’re only going to get to that point with quality content, though. That brings us back to the main point. Follow the three tenets of content:

Create content enthusiastically & genuinely

You can read about this anywhere: content schedules, time-of-day, day-of-week, blah blah blah. Honestly, while those are great rules to follow, they don’t really apply when you have a genuine emotional connection to your content. If you really love what you do, you’re going to go out of your way to do it. Sometimes you’ll need a kick in the ass to get something out the door in time, but more often than not you’re going to be just fine if you really embrace content creation. And please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t just spam stuff out if you’re feeling uninspired. Give your followers a heads up that things are hitting a bump but you’ll be back to your regular self in no time.

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Don’t let your memes stay dreams

If there’s some stupid stuff swirling around, dive right in. The internet loves dumb jokes, especially when more people get it on it. I watched Howie Mandel act like a thot and strut around with a fake ass. Why? Because a bunch of kids have been doing it and posting videos online. You want to gather a crowd? Find what they’re enthusiastic about and chant louder than the guys next to you. We just made a video to an Iggy Azalea song and in a few hours it’s flown past 10,000 views (edit: 12,000 by the time I finished this). Following our point, we just wanted to have fun with it. We have a 3D printer and hadn’t seen any versions of the meme that used one. Why wait for someone else to make the content you already want to see?

Just be yourself

This one’s stupid but it can’t be said enough. Don’t ruin yourself at a personal level to cater to those who simply see you as an entertainer. Be yourself and the audience will find you. Stay big.