SoyDog: Soylent x Chewy

Soylent could’ve been the end of world hunger and unproductive Silicon Valley software developers, but it feels as if they’ve lost their way. Since their massive attention and success of 2018, it feels as if the interest in Soylent has almost completely disappeared. What happened?

Honestly, it’s hard to say exactly. One theory we have is that the food industry simply moved on. People wanted to not have to eat for a hot second, but then remembered they really like to eat. Soylent improved their flavor and consistency but it wasn’t enough to reel their audience back in. We know a thing or two about beverage design, and hope you’ll read up on our White Claw project. That being said, we’re excited to share what will become the next step in Soylent’s product line: SoyDog.

Soylent Dog

Millennials treat their pets as children. Would you want anything but the best nutrition for your kids? SoyDog provides your beloved pooch with a balanced and nutritious meal. As an added bonus, the next generation of Soylent is just as safe for pets as it is for their owners. This is all thanks to Chewy, the masterminds behind this innovative exploration into pet cuisine. The two companies have merged to provide the highest quality (and most delicious) products for all common household pets. Please be warned, do not feed SoyDog to fish.

Soylent’s SoyDog is Savory

2019 flavors include: Chunky Beef Chill (steak tips, green beans, carrots, blue raspberry slushee, dark gravy, multivitamin), Totally Tuna (tuna, lemon snap peas, scallions, fruit punch, coconut), and Pork (pork).

2020 flavors will reportedly explore complex bases such as duck, peanut butter, and beef jerky. The motivation behind such bold ingredients is primarily driven by culinary trends with younger demographics. Based on how the new products perform in Q4 2019, Soylent plans on maintaining this relationship with Chewy for the next 7 years, or 1 people year. Stay big.

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