How Do I Gender My CBD Product?

Despite being discovered in 1940, we still don’t understand how to properly refer to Cannabidiol with a gendered pronoun. Almost 80 years later, we refer to CBD as “it”. Every day we encounter a full spectrum of identities, from Cloudgender to Vibragender, and beyond. And like the gender spectrum, the medicinal applications of cannabidiol are a vibrant spectrum.

What’s your excuse to ignore gender?

Maybe you just don’t understand, but that’s not necessarily your fault. Education is sorely lacking in American schools, especially in the realm of sexuality, botany, and personal health. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an active, non psychoactive ingredient derived from marijuana. Like marijuana, the American government has a confusing stance on the role CBD plays in medicine and society. Thankfully, it is becoming increasingly accepted and used nation-wide. CBD oil reduced anxiety and depression, treats physical pain, and potentially addresses a number of other medical issues. It’s available as an oil or infused in a variety of products for humans and animals alike.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How do I gender my CBD product? We need to look back at the source: the plant. Male and female cannabis plants are visually similar, but have subtle differences.

Plants don’t possess the ability to freely explore gender diversity.

Is developing self-identity what it means to be human? We may never know. However, even marijuana plants need to worry about more than male or female. In times of stress and under particular conditions, marijuana plants can become hermaphroditic with the ability to self-fertilize entire fields. This complicates things when we eventually address our CBD distillate.

We need to think of this as business owners, not sociologists. CBD is extracted from biological entities, so it’s logical to assume that plants with the highest concentration are farmed the most. Hemp, the industrial cousin of marijuana, tends to contain far more CBD than its more psychoactive relatives. This would lead one to believe that the dominant gender of farmed hemp would determine the cannabidiol’s preferred pronoun. Female plants tend to produce larger buds and more potent byproducts than males, but intermingling the two produces the greatest volume of usable material. In the plant world, marriage isn’t always between a man and a women; sometimes marriage is between a hermaphrodite and itself. This means that no CBD distillate, oil, or product can accurately be referred to as he or she, and an appropriately bigendered identity must be used.

Stay safe, and stay respectful. Privately ask the owner of the distillate if you are unsure, but understand that gender fluid cannabidiol will not be able to categorize itself at that point in time. If you’d like to learn more, please read through our other informative and entertaining content. Like what you see? Reach out to work with us, or visit our Try Before You Buy Fiverr page for microservices at affordable prices. Stay big.

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