White Claw has become an unavoidable name in the casual alcoholism industry. The unintimidatingly flavored line of beverages caters to all palettes and preferences. Like La Croix, the gentle flavors dance around your tongue with a delicate and welcoming effervescence. An IPA is an enthusiastic fist bump from a Wayfarer-adorned stranger. White Claw is a quick hug from a good friend who wears pastel chinos too often.

Here arises the challenge of White Claw’s recent attention: it’s all about the bros. Big Boys NYC loves our bros and broettes, but this recent shift in demographic is primarily driven by changing societal trends and viral online content, not a byproduct of White Claw marketing or brand development. We are proposing a new product to proactively target a underutilized market that holds powerful social influence. We are proud to present…

White Claw: Gender Fluid

White Claw: Gender Fluid

This is the drink for everyone, not just today’s young men avoiding the misogyny of visor-donned Gen X-ers. Gender Fluid immediately differentiates itself from other White Claw products with an opalescent luster that sparkles under fluorescent lighting. Upon closer inspection, the shopper notices the innovation that will revolutionize alcoholic beverage packaging: multiple pop-tabs. No matter how you pick up a can, it’s always ready to be enjoyed! Enthusiastic drinkers utilize both ends simultaneously to enjoy Gender Fluid at an expedited rate.

If actualized, we would price this limited run at $20.15 for a 12-pack. A reference to the year the United State Supreme Court struck down state bans on same-sex marriage.

Stay Ahead of an Evolving Marketplace

White Claw thrives due to evolving societal expectations, but passivity is a perfect opportunity to lose a highly competitive marketplace. We love White Claw and wish it continued success, but hope it celebrates everyone who enjoys this bubbly nectar of the gods. Follow us on Twitter to keep updated with our Big Boy thoughts and projects. Want to work with us? Reach out and check out our Try Before You Buy Fiverr.

Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws. Stay big.